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General Question

Do you care about health and safety?
We're very thorough in terms of health and safety; we disinfect all equipment and appliances while we rearrange the floor plans every week, and check them for malfunctions to keep them safe. Also, we have everyone who comes inside sterilize their hands.
Can my child attend an alternative class because of illness or urgent business?
For class make up, please contact us by 17:00, the day before your class. In case of absence, the class make up period is eligible for up to 3 months before or three months after the date of cancellation.
I have two children. When I'm in one's class, can my other child join also?
Only a younger child in a sling can join an elder's class. For safety reasons, we can't let an older child join a younger class because of their physical differences. During that class, please let elder child observe with our staff or play in the lounge. We apologize, and ask you to help us keep the class and children safe.
My child can't even walk. Can we get good results from My Gym?
You will see great results. Proper exercise around that period is cruical for their future physical skills. Firmly train their body and let them learn to walk by themsleves, then they can show higher physical abilities in the future.
Is the class entirely in English?
The players, English speakers, conduct the whole class in English and give support to the children's bodies and minds. The children try to speak in English as much as they can, then as they get used to the environment gradually they can switch their language from Japanese to English.
I have twins. Can they participate in the class together?
Of course they can. If the mother or father accompanies one child, then the player will accompany the other child.
How many times can we take classes in a week?
Besides the regular class, we offer free time to play called Jungle Time. Schedules differ at each branch. Please ask us for more information.
What is the difference between Jungle Time and regular class?
Jungle Time is a time in which any member in any age group can play freely. It is also a time fathers and mothers can accompany their children and play. We also want children to communicate in English, so the players participate in that time as well. It is the chance to interact with other age groups and gain other skills from regular classes.

Class Activities

Do the parents accompany to their children at the class?
The parents can accompany to their children until the Terrific Tots group (30months ~ 39 months), and to pre-kindergarden classes as well.
We can't speak English. Does that matter?
No worries. The parent's English skills are not important. The class is taught entirely in English, but if desired we can support parents who struggle with English.
My child doesn't speak in English at all. Does that matter?
No worries. Even if they don't understand the meaning of the words, they naturally learn English from other children and the players. Actually through acting in a group and in an English speaking environment, they naturally learn English to communicate with team mates (the players and friends in the class).
Please tell me the number of the players and enrollment limit.
The enrollment limit of each class is 8 ~15, however it differs with each branch. 2 or 3 players are in charge of one class. To keep the class safe, we conduct classes under the belief that a player can support up to 5 children at the same time.

About the Player and Members

Why do you call the teachers "players"?
It is our strong belief that we are a team working on the same goal. At My Gym we do not build relationships between teachers and students, but as teammates and we work together on variety of exercises. The children's talents cannot be brought out through one-way instruction. We walk alongside each other, think together, work on the exercises together and achieve our goals together, therefore we build trusting relationships and the children gain not only physical skills but also social skills.
Where are the players originally from?
Our players are from 30 countries from all over the world. Through communicating in English as a common language, the children will feel the cultures of each country and deepen mutual understanding. With the people from various countries, children develop their mentality to take an active role in the world. By interacting with people from different countries, the children will deepen their understanding and change their mentality.